Why WorkStarr?

Stressed out person

The Solution

The only way to fix this problem is to give people a tool that can allow them to take control of everything they are doing and  give them only what THEY need to do THEIR job. People need to trust that the information they need is where they need it and that the new information flowing to them is relevant and worthy of attention.

A tool that does this will allow people to focus, to relax, and to become creative instead of reactive.

We call this tool WorkStarr!

The Problem

Technology has changed life drastically. Many of these changes have been good... but many have not. People are now inundated with information from everywhere. Emails, text messages, Slack messages, phone calls... the list is huge.

And it's not helping. People are overwhelmed and suffering from information overload. They can't keep up and never seem to be able to stop working.


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About the Founder

Joe Rando, Founder & CEO

Joe Rando

Founder &  CEO


Joe Rando has founded a number of companies including:

  • Land Development - Northeast (a retail real estate company that's developed over 1 million square feet of retail)
  • Retail Analytics (a software company producing sales forecasting tools for the retail industry)
  • Trade Area Systems (the premier provider of enterprise tools for the retail real estate industry)
  • WorkStarr (but you already knew that)

He has a BS in physics from UMass and an MBA from UConn.